<aside> ðŸ’Ą Hey! Thank you for showing your interest in the Startmate Student Fellowship Program! 🎉

This page will give you an idea about what happens in the Startmate Student Fellowship and details about the application process.

**Apply Now for the Winter Cohort ðŸĪŸ

We did an AMA for any student interested in the program CHECK IT OUT BELOW!!** ðŸ˜Ī (or this youtube link)


We are creating a community and home for the most ambitious Australian and Kiwi students.

This year we will have two cohorts:

  1. ❄ïļ Winter Intake (Starting on the 28th June)
  2. ☀ïļ Summer Intake (December onwards)

If you are interested in applying for the winter cohort, please fill in the application here. The Fellowship is absolutely free as well, because we want the absolute best to join the cohort!

The Fellowship consist of 4 main parts:

<aside> ðŸ”Ĩ Bootcamp

Two weeks to hear from transformative thought leaders in the Australian and New Zealand startup ecosystems. You will have the opportunity to learn about best practices within startups and build lifelong industry connections amongst like-minded individuals.


<aside> 🚀 Paid Internship or a Grad role!

We help you get a paid internship at within a top startup in Australia and New Zealand. Not all students who are accepted into the Fellowship will have this opportunity, but you will have your foot in the door at many companies.

Our Summer 2020 cohort were interning at startups like: Ovira, Airrobe, JigSpace, Syncio, Gridcognition, LawOnEarth, XY Sense, SenseOfSelf, Perx Health, Vexev, MorseMicro, Bellish.


<aside> ðŸĪš Coaching

We will pair you with a coach who has tons of experience, but whom you can call a friend!

In the last cohort, our coaches were from Canva, Atlassian, Dovetail, Auror, Matrak, Upguard, and Eucalyptus.

Get mentored from the very best.


<aside> 💕 Community and Content

You become part of the Startmate Community where you meet your cohort peers, Fellows, founders, and VCs.

You will also be assigned to a Tribe of 5-10 Fellows which will act as a space where you can check in with each other. This is a great opportunity to share your experiences with one another and form deeper connections.


Application Process

Curious how the application process works? Here it is:

<aside> ðŸĪš **Stage 1

You fill up the application**. Feel free to submit another form if you would like to apply for different roles (e.g. Engineering and Operations). All up, it will be a maximum of 750 words with a few additional supporting components.

On the 25th of April, applications will close.

You will get to know if you are selected for Stage 2 by the 30th of April with information going out on May 3.


<aside> ðŸ‘đ **Stage 2


ðŸĪ– For students who chose engineering:**

🎎 For everyone else: - A 5 minute video covering what is found in this guide

These tasks will be due by Tuesday, May 18 (before 23.59 AEST).


<aside> ðŸ‘― Acceptance Offer Sent!

Welcome to the Startmate community. You are officially a Fellow.

Between now and when the program starts, we will help you get an epic internship offer âœĻ Get ready for an amazing experience that will grow you both personally and professionally! 🚀


What happens during the program?

An outline on how the program will work.